Swan Group complete sale of Elliot Terrace in Falkirk

November 11, 2020

Swan Group is pleased to announce the sale of our Elliot Terrace development in Falkirk to LAR Housing Trust, a Scottish affordable housing charity.

Elliot Terrace, close to Falkirk town centre, will provide residents with access to excellent local amenities. The site has 13 two bed units as well as duplex suites with 1,021 sq ft of living space.

The site and its accompanying homes have been purchased by LAR Housing Trust.

LAR Housing Trust was set up in 2015 and has plans to build around 1,000 homes, which will be available at mid-market rent in villages, towns and cities across Scotland. This will allow people to live affordably in their own communities, offering security, stability and a chance to plan for the future.

Commenting on the sale of Elliot Terrace, Swan Group Managing Director, Phil McGinlay, said:

“We’re proud to have played a big part in the design and build of Elliot Terrace in Falkirk. LAR Housing Trust are the perfect owners of this site and we wish them, and the families at Elliot Terrace, all the best for the future”.