Swan Group is highly-focused – actively managing the entire process for clients from design and development through to construction. Each project is informed by extensive market research and strategic planning tools to ensure that our collaborations with local authorities and housing associations deliver projects that are of the highest standard and meet client and community needs.

Funding for Swan Group is generated from a range of sources including institutional investors, HNWIs and Family Offices in more than 35 countries worldwide. The focus for investors is on future growth and capital appreciation rather than immediate initial yield.


Swan Group has evolved from the launch of its Private Investment Company in 2013. Early on, the business recognised the opportunity to bring a progressive, flexible and innovative approach to the UK real estate market through specialising in the affordable and private housing sector as well as student accommodation.

Swan Group combines local and national market knowledge with more than 40 years’ property development and acquisition expertise. The team back this with a proven ability to provide the necessary capital to deliver market-leading developments that maximise site potential and meet the needs of local communities.

With one in five UK households likely to be living in rented accommodation and housing providers increasingly financially constrained, Swan Group is ideally positioned to unlock the potential of sites by using our investment and development skills to convert plans into affordable homes.



Swan Group’s success is strengthened by our close working relationships with industry leading professionals and corporations. These institutional partners provide Swan Group with access to specialised resources to underpin our objective of generating revenue and high quality results by leveraging partnership benefits.

Our partners include:

Property specialists with 411 offices in 59 countries. With more than 14,000 people internationally the business provides a worldwide service that’s locally expert and globally connected.


Swan Group aims to stay ahead of competitors by ensuring a diversified investment philosophy and an active management approach. This is complimented by carefully selected and thoroughly investigated high quality property acquisitions, selective portfolios, developments and redevelopments.

We continue to deliver for investors through focussing on absolute and risk adjusted returns to ensure equity preservation. The business will continue to grow by applying market model and institutional capital structured products to deliver continued success and generate sustained low risk income streams for investors.


Identifying projects with potential to deliver high-quality housing for communities and safe/low-risk returns for investors. We stand at the forefront of our sector and are early adopters of new technologies and best practice. We are curious, willing to explore new ideas and challenge the ‘impossible’ to deliver success for our clients and investors.


Phil McGinlay - Swan Holding Group

Phil McGinlay

Phil is a property investor with 15 years’ industry experience investing in land and property development. He began his professional career in property sales before moving into construction.

Derek Smith - Swan Holding Group

Derek Smith

Derek, a qualified engineer has been in the housing and development industry for 30 years with the last 22 years spent at Stewart Milne.

Ian Stewart - Swan Holding Group

Ian Stewart

A former banker with 30 years of corporate and business experience, Ian has considerable experience of funding property development and property investment deals.

Gary McGregor - Swan Holding Group

Gary McGregor

Gary, a member of the RICS and CIOB, has over twenty five years’ experience in the construction industry.

Gary Flint - Swan Holding Group

Gary Flint

Gary Flint has a strong background in corporate governance, private equity, venture capital and public listings, gained over the past 17 years working in the finance sector.