Construction Update: Newhall Street

April 26, 2023

A Fourth Construction Update Showing Recent Progress at the Newhall Street Development.

Swan Group is pleased to see the Newhall Street development progressing as expected, with construction reaching the 40-week mark of a 108-week programme. Please take a look at the latest 360° images provided by Blue Giraffe Imaging, showing the current stage of the development process.

Swan Group is happy to see the development progressing and, in collaboration with Marshall Construction, is proud to be contributing to the broader Glasgow East-End regeneration plan. Construction works are forecasted to be completed in August 2024, Blocks 1 and 2 are 95% kit erected with roofing works ongoing in addition to plumbing and electrical works starting in Block 1. Blocks 3 to 5 substructures are now complete with blockwork now beginning in Block 3.

All parties are glad to see the development pushing on and eager to see how it takes shape throughout the year, pushing on to final completion and delivery next year. Please keep an eye out for future updates on the Newhall Street development, in addition to posts relating to other pipeline sites such as Royston Road and Corton.

Videography Credit: Blue Giraffe Imaging

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