Swan Group gets exciting website refresh

July 19, 2019

Swan Group, which specialises in the development and delivery of affordable housing, has introduced a new format and updates to their website to focus and emphasise the developer’s mission to build sustainable communities through their new housing projects across the country.

Their updated Developments section now allows you to find out more about their current and upcoming projects across Scotland. Swan Group currently have active developments from Aberdeen to Ayrshire, focusing on bringing high-quality, affordable housing to towns and cities throughout the country.

Phil McGinlay, Managing Director of Swan Group, said:

With our project portfolio growing at pace, Swan Group’s team has also been through some growth. As part of the refresh of our online content, you can meet our team, learn about their backgrounds and experiences in the sector across development, housing, finance and business management. While we’re based in Glasgow we work extensively across the country and the team are always busy as they pave the way for more sustainable communities throughout Scotland and the UK.”

Swan Group is also committed to supporting groups and campaigns that help vulnerable individuals and families who might be struggling with bad housing or homelessness. Since 2019 Swan Group has been actively raising money in aid of Shelter Scotland. Our first fundraising activity with Shelter Scotland was carried out by Managing Director, Phil McGinlay, and his brother Barry, who parachuted into a Nevada Desert Training Camp led by a trained team who are a mixture of UK and US instructors from various military units including Special Forces.

Thanks to everyone’s generous donations so far, Swan has raised over £2,000 for Shelter Scotland. If you want to know more about the fundraising activity so far and would like to make a donation, you can find out more here.

Thanks to Geoff Martyn at Buchanan Drive Digital for his website and WordPress work on this project.

Swan Group will continue to develop and update their online presence to ensure they share their latest news and the exciting plans they have for delivering sustainable communities through high-quality affordable homes.